Earlier mention has been made of the fact that John Morgan was Director & Hon. Treasurer of The Order of The Road, and as it transpired following his death that he was indeed the sole Director, - in fact he owned it outright, - it's therefore appropriate to provide a little information regarding the organisation here. 

Those who have heard of The Order of the Road are likely to know little about it, although the badges with their inter-changeable plates depicting rank or accident-free years of driving, are much admired and becoming sought-after collectors items.  



The Order of the Road, (administrative address based in Horsham, West Sussex), was established in 1928, the first organisation launched with the exclusive object of encouraging safer driving. The Order believed that as many drivers as possible were needed to pledge themselves to safe, courteous driving behaviour. It was the Orders' belief that every driver who did so would not only make the roads safer by his/her own efforts, but would start a "chain reaction" by example, encouraging others to do the same. Apart from the privilege of wearing a much-prized badge, all Members were entitled to substantial financial benefits, showing savings which more than covered the cost of the annual subscription.


When this information was originally compiled, the Order of the Road Committee was comprised as follows:-


CHAIRMAN: The Right Hon. The Earl Howe CBE, DL, JP, Hon. FIRT

SECRETARY: Richard Bensted

The Right Hon. Lord Strathcarron,

Raymond Baxter,

Graham Fryer,

Courtney Edwards OBE

Angela Rippon








All Members undertook to abide by the Rules, and to inform the Order immediately in the event of any prosecution or accident which might effect their membership status. Full members must have driven for at least 10,000miles, not have been convicted of a serious motoring offence during the three years prior to their application for Membership nor have been responsible for an accident during that period, while Probationary Members must have held a full driving licence, have undergone a complete course of instruction from a recognised driving school, not have been convicted of a serious motoring offence nor been responsible for causing an accident. One year after the issue of their full driving licence, a Probationary Member became eligible for full Membership.


All categories of Member was entitled to display the Order of the Road car badge. Full Members were also entitled to display a plate attached to the badge showing either the number of years they had been driving conviction and accident free, or their "rank" within the Order, based upon the years of Membership. A range of insignia including car, blazer & button-hole badges, ties and key-fobs, was available to all Members.










Prestige: the handsome Order of the Road badge was a symbol of distinction shared by a fraternity of drivers - including several members of the Royal Family - who believed that skill and courtesy came first. Driving Instructors who became Members were entitled to attach an "INSTRUCTOR" plate to their Order of the Road car badge. The enrolment leaflet stated, "We want to spread the gospel of safe, courteous driving where it matters most: among new drivers just coming on to the road - and we want to enlist the help of YOU - the Professional Driving Instructor, in reaching that audience". It continued, - "We need to enrol every Driving Instructor who cares about his job........" and "to enrol as many as possible of your pupils........"  Several financial enducements were offered to Driving Instructors to encourage them to enrol, and to encourage their pupils to do so. 


Advice & Assistance: Enquiries from Members on any motoring matter were welcomed, answered directly or referred to an expert source for a reply.


Financial rewards: Savings on motor insurance, a key recovery service, discount on independent health care with BUPA, and RAC Associate Membership were offered through Membership.  


"Safe Driver" Magazine: The Order of the Roads' own magazine published quarterly and sent free to all Members, containing articles on insurance and other motoring matters, Order of the Road news and details of special offers available to Members, plus a forum for Members to express their own views.






                         Full Member: £7-00/Instructor Member; £5-25/Family Member; £3-00/Probationary Member; £4-00 








                                                                                CATEGORIES OF MEMBERSHIP


All categories of Membership were entitled to wear/use the items of insignia, provided that Year Plates and Rank Plates for attachment to the car badge had to be 'earned'. Full and Family Members were entitled to display one of the badge plates, showing either the number of years for which they had been driving or their rank within the Order, based upon completed years of Membership. Instuctor plates were available under the special enrolment scheme for professional driving instructors. Rank plates denoted rank as follows:-

                                                                                  Member; 0-5 yrs. of Membership

                                                                                  Officer; 6-11 yrs. of Membership

                                                                            Commander; 11-16 yrs. of Membership

                                                                      Knight Commander 16-20 yrs. of Membership

                                                                    Knight Grand Cross; over 20 yrs. of membership