Listed in no particular order, (other than alphabetically). Generally I'm unable to confirm actual Membership as I'm not in possession of a list of former Members or their Membership Numbers. The families of former patrons often believe their relative was a Member but are unable to specifically confirm it. Entry to the Club was pretty lax in so much as the warm welcome extended to just about anyone who looked and spoke the part! The following are persons known to have been a Member, visited the Club regularly, or are known to have visited it.  The list is constantly evolving, thus in the event that a Member is not listed, please contact the Author via the Steering Wheel Club website in order that the list can be updated.


Ames, Robert

Aspel , Michael – TV personality/presenter/announcer

Attwood, Richard Attwood - racing driver, Le Mans winner 1970

Barber, Chris - celebrity musician

Baxter, Raymond – sports commentator

Bell, Derek - racing driver, five times winner of Le Mans

Blakely, Blakely - racing driver, (murdered by his lover, Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in England)

Bolster, John Bolster

Brabham, Jack - racing driver, F1 World Champion 1959, 1960 & 1966

Brabham, Betty

Bradley, Gethin – ‘Good relations’ PR

Brooks, Robert – former President of the BRDC – Chairman of Bonhams

Brooks, Tony - racing driver

Capes, J. N. Membership No. 0327 (Member 1960's)

Cayley Mr. & Mrs.

Chapman, Colin (Founder of Lotus Cars)

Chapman, Hazel

Clark, Jim - racing driver, F1 World Champion 1963 & 1965

Clube, Malcolm - racing driver

Colbourne,  Arthur Curtis, aka Peter Colbourne - Midlands Industrial Correspondent in the 1960's

Cooper,  Michael – professional motorsport photographer

Davis, Cliff - racing driver

Davis, Sylvia

Deschamps, Michael J. - former Can-Am Co-ordinator at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, (Member 1971-1983)

​Ellis, Ruth (infamous cohort of David Blakely, whom she murdered, - last woman in England to be hanged)

Elvery, Kenneth S. – Mechanical Engineer/technical Engineer

Fairman, Jack Fairman

Fangio, Juan Manuel - racing driver, F1 World Champion 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, & 1957

Ferguson, J.W. – Chartered Accountant (Member 1960’s) 

Fitzpatrick, John - racing driver

Gethin, Peter - racing driver

Glover, Maurace J. - Merchant Banker, (Member ship No. W1828, Membership throughout the 1970’s until final closure)  

Good, Tony – ‘Good Relations’ PR

Grant, Gregor (Founder of Autosport Magazine)

Hall, Gerry - racing driver, Membership No. 0032

Hawthorn, Mike - racing driver, F1 World Champion 1958 (he had his own mug behind the bar!)

Hermann, Hanns - racing driver

Heybourne, Brian

Heybourne, Tony

Hill, Graham - racing driver, F1 World Champion 1962 & 1968

Hill, Bette Hill

Homes, Mike - Membership Number 0093

Hopkirk, Patrick Barron, MBE (Paddy) - rally driver, Monte Carlo Rally winner 1964

Howard, Philip

Hulme, Denny - racing driver, F1 World Champion 1967

Ireland, Innes - racing driver

Lochhead, James Middleton George (Jim)

Lochhead, Alexander David Lochhead (Sandy) – (both Members throughout the 1950's/70's)

Macfadyen, A.B. (Mac) - Brother-in-law of John Morgan, Hon. Life Member   

Macfadyen, Rosemary - Sister-in-law of John Morgan, Hon. Life Member

Macfadyen, Ian D.  - Nephew of John Morgan, Life Hon. Member

McDonough, Ed. - Member 1968-1980

McLaren, Bruce - racing driver, Founder of the McLaren Racing Team

McLaren, Patty

Moore, Douglas

Moss, Sir Stirling, O.B.E. - racing driver, Membership No.0007

Neves, Ernesto Nene - Portuguese racing driver, joined 1964

Neves, Luis das - joined 1964

Patterson, Ollie - celebrity musician

Pomfret, Virgil

Roebuck, Nigel (Editor-in-Chief, Autosport Magazine)

Salvadori, Roy - racing driver

Shelby, Carol – automotive engineer, team owner & racing driver

Smith, Charles

Sommersell, Hermann - creator of Mercedes-Benz W196 Streamliner recreation, (Member circa 1975-1979)

Steinmann, Rico - racing driver

Sutherland, Paul (Member 1970’s)

Sutherland, Robert Gordon (Gordon) - Director of Abbotts of Farnham, Friary Motors (Old Windsor), former Managing Director of Aston Martin Ltd. Brother-in-law of John Morgan. Life Hon. Member.

Sutherland, Emily - Sister-in-law of John Morgan – Life Hon. Member.

Sutherland, David

Sutherland, Ian

Thacker, Les (Member 1970's)

Tobias, Tony - now Head of Engineering at Motorsport Network   

Uzzell,  Richard – (Member 1970’s, Membership No.1004) 

Walker, Rob (Team Owner)