• An Aston Martin wood rimmed steering wheel from the car driven to the manufacturers World Sports Car Championship in 1959 by Stirling Moss


  • A leather rimmed Ford steering wheel from the Escort driven by Hannu Mikkola to victory in the Daily Mirror World Cup Rally 1970


  • A leather rimmed BRM steering wheel from the BRM Grand Prix car driven to victory in the 1962 World Championship by Graham Hill


  • A leather rimmed Lotus steering wheel from the Lotus Grand Prix car driven to victory in the 1963 World Championship by Jim Clark


  • A leather rimmed Lotus steering wheel from the Lotus car driven to victory in the 1965 Indianapolis 500 mile race by Jim Clark


  • A leather rimmed Cooper steering wheel from the Cooper Grand Prix car driven in the 1959 World Championship by Jack Brabham


  • A wood rimmed Mercedes Benz steering wheel, the four spokes autographed by Rudolph Caracciola, Manfred Von Brauchitsch, Hermann Lang, Max Sailer, Alfred Naubauer and Rudolph Uhlenhaut


  • A leather rimmed Porsche steering wheel from the Porsche 917 driven by Hans Hermann and Richard Attwood to victory in the 1970 Le Mans 24 hr. Race


  • A leather rimmed Lotus steering wheel heavily damaged from a crash sustained by Innes Ireland in America


  • A metal rimmed semi-circular Austin Healey Sprite steering wheel


  • A leather rimmed Repco Brabham steering wheel from the Brabham car driven to victory in the 1968 World Championship by Jack Brabham


  • A wood rimmed Ferrari steering wheel from the Ferrari Grand Prix car driven to victory by Mike Hawthorn in the 1958 World Championship


  • A leather rimmed Hillman steering wheel from the Hillman car driven to victory in the Daily Express London - Sydney Marathon of 1968


  • A wood rimmed Vanwall steering wheel from the Vanwall Grand Prix car driven by Stirling Moss and Tony Brooks to victory in the Grand Prix d’Europe


  • A leather rimmed steering wheel from the McLaren Grand Prix car driven to victory in the 1976 World Chamionship by James Hunt





  • An open face peaked crash helmet worn by Jackie Stewart at the beginning of his professional career, mounted on a tapering rectangular wood stand


  • An open face peaked Bell crash helmet; a pair of leather driving gloves; and a pair of drivers goggles worn by Jack Brabham up to his retirement in 1970


  • An open face crash helmet; a pair of driving gloves; and a pair of drivers goggles worn by the late Bruce McLaren during his Grand Prix career


  • An open face peaked crash helmet worn by Graham Hill during the 1962 Grand Prix season during which he won the World Championship, on a tapering rectangular wood stand mounted with a silver plaque


  • A leather ‘racing helmet’ worn by the Hon. Brian Lewis during his motor racing career 1923 - 1937


  • A rectangular yellow flag used by Charles Faroux to signal that No.3 Bentley had completed the 24 hours of the 1927 race at Le mans and was the winner on distance covered in the time


  • A silver two-handled trophy and cover inscribed miniture of C.P. type Challenge Cup for the best time by a sports car up to 1500cc. T.H. Wisdom, Frazer Nash - 6¾“ high, 6¼ oz.


  • A miniture gilt metal goblet shaped trophy and cover - 5½“ high, the circular base with a plaque inscribed ‘Rootes Gold Cup 1961 Tom Wisdom’


  • A white metal fluted baluster shaped trophy - 7” high with turned wood base. Mounted with a plaque inscribed ‘XIX Millemiglia 3 - 4 Maggio 1952. Tommy Wisdom’


  • A white metal fluted baluster shaped trophy - 6¾” high with a turned wood stand applied with a plaque inscribed 'Club Millemiglia XX, Coppa France Mazotti 1953’


  • A bronze plaque mounted in relief with a scene of two early racing cars and inscribed ‘A Souvenir Of The Junior Car Club 200 Mile Race October 22nd 1921. The first ever Long Distance Motor race To Be Organised in This Country' - 2½” high


  • A circular light alloy medallion in relief with the British Automobile Racing Club crest encircled by a laurel wreath - 2” in diameter


  • A ten pointed gold star, mounted on an enamalled plaque inscribed ‘BRDC’ - 2¼” high, weight 1 oz.


  • A pewter mug of tapering form inscribed ‘presented to the Royal Aero Club J.M. Hawthorn 19th October 1959, Mike’s Mug Steering Wheel Club’ and with a list of the Award winners 1960 - 1973 - 5” high


  • A blue with white polker dot scarf worn by the late Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin when racing at Brooklands


  • Two Automobile Club pendants of satin and felt


  • A triangular Royal Aero Club pendant





  • A pair of chromium plated circular chronometers mounted in a rectangular wood case with mechanical stop and start mechanism, by Stauffer, the mechanical arms inscribed ‘Ebblewhites Duplex Starter’. These chronometers were made for and to the design of A.V. Ebblewhite in time for the opening meeting at Brooklands 1907 and were used by Ebblewhite at every Brooklands meeting thereafter until his death in 1939


  • A rectangular Union Jack flag with wood pole and silver handle inscribed with initials ‘M.C’.

       Note; the flag is heavily frayed at the leading edge. This flag was used by Ebblewhite to start the motor races held at         

       Brooklands between 1907 and 1939. Presented to the Club by Sir Malcom Campbell.





  • DEXTER BROWN - Sports Car Racing At Brands Hatch, signed, oil on board 39 x 49½”


  • DEXTER BROWN - Formula 1 Racing At Goodwood, signed, oil onboard - 41"x 46"


  • DEXTER BROWN - Formula 1 Racing At Silverstone, signed, oil on Board - 41"x 49"


  • MICHAEL TURNER - Formula 1 Racing At Oulton Park, signed and dated ‘66, oil on board - 40"x 51" 


  • JAMES DUGDALE - Grand Prix de L’ACF 1908, signed and dated 1977 -Gouache - 13” x 20"


  • ROLT - Jim Clark and The Lotus 49, signed, watercolour - 6” x 16½”, Inscribed ‘to David Benson from Rolt'


  • ROY NOCKOLDS - The Start of The British Grand Prix, Aintree 16thJuly 1955, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1956 - 29”x43” 


  • After TERRY SMITH - Portrait of Tazio Nuvolari, reproduction - 6¼” x 8¼”                          





  • The Scott Gaze Memorial Challenge Trophy, a silver model of a Spitfire on stylised hand, the rectangular stepped wood base mounted with two Plaques inscribed: ‘The Scott Gaze Memorial Challenge Trophy for the fastest lap by a British driver each season at Goodwood‘. And; ‘The trophy, a replica of the Spitfire in which he fought, was presented by his family in England and Australia to the British Automobile Racing Club in memory of Pilot Officer I.S.O. Gaze 1922-1941 and his comrades of the Allied Airforces who failed to return to West Hampnet Airfield now known as the Goodwood MotorCircuit’                                                                                                                                   


  • Three kit built aeroplane and helicopter models                                                                        


  • The Kings Cup Air Race Trophy, inscribed ‘Kings Cup Air Race Qualifying Race presented by Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. To the winner of the Air League Trophy Race held at Ices Side Airport, on polygonal base mounted with silver plaques inscribed and dated with the winners names - 58 oz. Silver                                                                                                            





  • Historic Cars by Shell, a collection of twenty circular light alloy medallions moulded in relief with profiles of historic motor cars and framed and mounted                    


  • A collection of fifty cigarette cards, Post Vintage Thoroughbred Motor Cars framed and mounted


  • A collection of fifty Lambert and Butler cigarette cards, Vintage Motor Cars framed and mounted


  • A collection of fifty Players cigarette cards, assorted Vintage and Post Vintage Motor Cars framed and mounted                                                                                

  • M. COWTAN - Yardley BRM pursued by S.T.P. March, signed an dated1971, oil on board - 17” x 32”                                                                                                 




  • Motor racing personalities after Sallon - a collection of forty coloured prints, Framed - each 8” x 6”                                                                                                              

  • After - ROY NOCKOLDS - Birkin’s Blower Bentley on the banking at Brooklands, reproduction, pencil signed in margin - 17” x 11½”


  • PETER CHAMPION - Formula 1 Aircraft preparing for take-off, oil on board -23½” x 27”                                                                                                                   

  • ROY NOCKOLDS - Bentley two-seater sports tourer in a country landscape, signed, oil on board - 16” x 23”                                                                                             

  • ROY NOCKOLDS - Scrutineering at a race meeting, signed, watercolour and gouache - 9½”  x 14½”                                                                                                            

  • After ROY NOCKOLDS - Old Mercedes, lithograph - 14” x 19”                             


  • After PETER HELCK - 1952 and 1931 Cummins Diesel powered racing cars, lithograph - 17” x 26½”                                                                                                 

  • F. GORDON CROSBY - Renault and Mercedes Grand Prix Cars in action, signed, watercolour heightened with white - 20½” x 29½”                                         

  • ROY NOCKOLDS - Motor Racing, signed, oil on canvas - 16” x 20”                                   


  • After - ROY NOCKOLDS - Casablanca, Mike Hawthorn driving the Ferrari to second place in the 1958 Morroccan Grand Prix, lithograph,

       16½” x 27”                   


  • IAN KUSNER - An impression of a Motor Race, signed and dated 1968, oil on canvas - 14” x 18”                                                                                                         

  • After - F. FLETCHER WATSON - Shepherds Market, reproduction - 9¼” x 14”                   


  • A rectangular Bakelite steering wheel 15” wide from the record-breaking cars of A.T. Goldie Gardner, driven from 1937 - 1949                                                                       

  • A circular metal Mercedes steering wheel the spokes inscribed ‘Richard Seaman, 31.3.1937 16.15H., Autodrom Monza, Mercedes Benz Grand Prix model 1934 - 1937’.

  • Note; the steering wheel was fitted to the Grand Prix Mercedes Benz in which the late Dick Seaman crashed at Monza on 31st March 1937, the steering wheel survived a fire with the loss of its wooded rim during the crash in a training run                     


  • PRISCILLA CAMBELL JONES - The design for Graham and Bette Hill’s Christmas card, signed, pen Indian ink and watercolour - 22” x 15½”                                      

  • A full set of motor racing signalling flags, comprising red and yellow striped, chequered, green, red, white, back, blue, yelow and Union Jack                                                 


       THE CURZON ROOM                    


  • PHILIP ROBINSON - Portrait of James Hunt, signed and dated 1976, pen Indian ink and  pencil heightened with white - 27” x 21”  


  • MICHAEL TURNER - Portrait of Stirling Moss, signed and dated 1965, oil on canvas - 29” x 24”


  • L.B. - Westland helicopter taking off from oil rig, watercolour heightened with white, 18” x 11”                                                                                                     

  • F. GORDON CROSBY - Senior Berlin motor racing, signed, watercolour heightened with white - 20” x 29”                                                                               

  • MICHAEL TURNER - Start of Putney Calais Putney offshore power boat race 1972, signed and dated 1972, oil on canvas - 19½” x 23½”                                            

  • DEXTER BROWN - Start of the British Grand Prix at Brands Hatch, signed, oil on board - 41” x 96”                                                                                              

  • JOSAPHINE AVELING - Portrait of Mr. H.F. Locke King, founder and builder of  Brooklands, the first motor course in the world, signed, oil on canvas - 23” x 29½”                                                                                                   





  • A Royal Aero Club badge and Steering Wheel Club badge mounted on a wooden plaque                                                                                                                           

  • A Club International Angienes Pilotes De Grand Prix badge and the AARC (Australian Auto Racing Club) badge, from the collection of the late Reg Parnell (two)                                                                                                                 


  • An AA and AA Officials badge from the East African Safari Rally (two)                                         


  • A complete set of B.A.R.C. membership badges and members guest badges 1907 to 1942 ex. 1916 to 1919 (not issued) (sixty-one)


  • A light alloy Junior Car Club badge                                                                               


  • An enamelled Brooklands Automobile Racing Club car badge                                               


  • A complete set of post war Goodwood B.A.R.C. membership badges and members Guest badges 1949-1966 (thirty-six)                                                                        





  • THE MAIN WALL - A collection of approximately three hundred and fifty-two motoring badges, including B.A.R.C., Brook lands Aero Club, Junior Car Club and various Worldwide Motoring organisations and associations - circa 1947 - 1970


  • THE SECONDARY WALL - A collection of approximately one hundred and twenty various motoring badges, mainly post-war - circa 1950 - 1970                                   


  • THE STAIR WALL - A collection of approximately ninety-five Marque badges of various motor-car and racing car manufacturers - circa 1950 - 1965, and a Set of four tickets  produced for the first Goodwood motor race meeting on 18th September 1948 (ninety-nine)                                                                                    


  • A leather rimmed steering wheel from the Leyland Thomas record breaking car 'Babs’. The leather rim of the wheel is heavily corroded and general condition of the wheel commensurate with having been buried beneath the Pendine Sands since the fatal accident to Parry Thomas on a record breaking run in 1927                


  • BAR COUNTER SHOW CASE - a collection of model cars                                     


  • OLD BAR COUNTER - from original Brick Street premises                                                                              








FOOTNOTE: John sold The Steering Wheel Club in July 1979 to a David Capstick, a member of the Club and former motor-sports competitor.  By 1988 however, the business in the hands of Capstick had gone into liquidation. The various artifacts, club badges and steering wheels on display that had been donated or loaned to the Club, and which had been valued at £20,000 by Christies prior to the sale, were subject of an investigation into the Clubs’ liquidation by the Official Receivers. When the Official Receivers visited the premises they found them empty and all the artifacts removed. Capstick was apparently unable to provide a satisfactory explanation as to where these items had gone, and John was approached as to whether he could shed any light on the matter, (which he was unable to). The whereabouts of these items has  long remained a mystery, but several items have since surfaced, having been offered at auction. 

Christie's, Sale 5454, Lot 42, 1995 

"An extensive collection of motoring club badges formerly displayed at The Steering Wheel Club, London. Founded in the late 1940's by Desmond Scammel and John Morgan, secretaries of the B.R.D.C and B.A.R.C respectively, the club thrived under their ownership in Mayfair, being frequented by National and International motor racing figures of the period; Thursday nights being particularly notorious".

Sotheby’s, Lot 292, Wednesday 26th February 1997

"Innes Ireland’s steering wheel from the Seattle crash with the Lotus 19 Team Rosebud car in September 1963. Accident damaged, the wheel is offered with a quantity of ‘get well’ letters & cards, a plaque from the Steering Wheel Club and a Steering Wheel Club Membership card. Estimate £2,200 - £2,800".

Bonhams, Goodwood Revival Sale, Lot 61, 14th September 2013

"An important collection of Brooklands Automobile Racing Club badges, (BARC), 1907-1916 and 1920-1842, including boxed complete matching numbers sets, and other Brooklands badges. It is understood that a majority of these badges were formerly the property of Aston Martin Works Driver, motoring author and book seller Eric Thompson, and were originally on display at the Steering Wheel Club in Brick Street. Some others that have been sourced to add to the collection are offered with provenance or written details of their acquisition. Estimate £14,000 - £16,000."