Thank you for your visit!   I'm John & Haysie's nephew. John & Haysie had no children; Haysie's family, (other than myself) are all gone, and as far as I'm aware, John's are too. After selling the Steering Wheel Club, John retired and moved to Godalming in Surrey, where Haysie & John lived until they both died in 1990.

If you have any additional information regarding the old Steering Wheel Club, I'd love to hear from you. I'd especially appreciate any photographs taken at the Club. Please e-mail me in the first instance. Thank you!

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If you were a former Member of the Club, and would like your name added to the List of Members, please contact me with details. In addition, if you have any S.W.C. memorabilia you no longer wish to keep, I'd love to be given first refusal, (whether it be a booklet of safety matches, a tie, Menu, ashtray or badge).

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