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Apologies to anyone seeking further information, but on the advice of potential publishers, I have been advised to remove content which might interfere with book sales! It's hoped that the Definitive History of the Steering Wheel Club might very well be published in the near future,  but that sales could be compromised by the availability of such detailed information online. Accordingly I have removed most of the material, and suggest that if you seek specific information you contact me via Wix when I'll be only too happy to assist. Currently seeking a publisher who will commit to proceeding with publication - book is ready to go!  

John & Haysie Morgan owned and ran the Steering Wheel Club from1946 until 1979, when the Club was sold to David Capstick.

The Club was frequented by racing drivers, team owners and motor-sport journalists & broadcasters. 

Premises were ardorned with car badges, steering wheels from race-winning cars, trophies and other motor-racing memorabilia.

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